Itch less. Live more.

We care for your skin with experience, expertise, and science.

  • Our commitment to your skin

  • Balneum offers a complete line of skincare products providing expert relief from dry and itchy skin. We don’t just help you to restore the natural balance of your skin. We help you to maintain balance in your everyday lifestyle. Put simply, we help you to itch less and live more.

  • We understand that it’s never just an itch. Dry skin carries psychological impacts that may stop you from doing what you really love. Our experts aren’t just here to help you itch less. They’re here to help you exercise more, relax more, enjoy more, and socialise more. Put simply, we want to help you do more.

We’re committed to helping you live life to the fullest

At Balneum we are committed to using only the gentlest and most nourishing ingredients, to give relief and comfort to your skin when you need it most.

We believe that itchy skin shouldn’t prevent you from doing what you love.

Balneum products have been specially formulated to care for skin that is dry and itchy, soothing the symptoms and restoring the natural balance.

All our products have undergone rigorous dermatological testing, ensuring they are suitable for those with itchy skin of all types.

Rejuvenate your lifestyle from top to bottom

Your skin has three protective layers. Our science is made for each of them.

  • Moisturising power

    From urea to soya oil, the Balneum range harnesses a number of highly beneficial, natural active ingredients proven to help dry skin retain essential moisture.

  • Restoring oils

    Your skin depends on a balance of natural oils and fats to lock in hydration and remain healthy. Balneum products bolster and boost this, giving dry and damaged skin an extra helping hand.

  • No harsh irritants

    Balneum harnesses the power of gentle, natural, scientifically proven ingredients to protect your skin and provide relief, with no harsh chemicals or irritants, guaranteed.

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