5 skincare tips to help you manage seasonal changes this winter

5 skincare tips to help you manage seasonal changes this winter

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As the seasons change and the cold begins to creep in, your skincare routine becomes more important. Discover why you should introduce Balneum Cosmetics to your routine.

It is estimated that one in three people in the UK experience dry skin. As the weather changes and cooler temperatures set in, there are a number of external factors that can contribute to drying your skin out and leaving it itchy and cracked.

A report by Allergy UK showed that around 1.5 million people in the UK are affected by atopic eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis. This skin condition causes redness of the skin and causes it to itch, flake and crack. Seasonal changes such as cold temperatures, warmer clothing and central heating can not only cause our skin to dry out but can also worsen dry, itchy skin conditions.

The great news is that there are some simple ways you can protect your skin as this winter sets in. At Balneum Cosmetics, we believe in the importance of keeping your skin soothed and hydrated so you can itch less and live more – whatever the season.

5 skincare tips to help you manage seasonal changes

While there is little you can do about the weather, there are some small changes you can make to your lifestyle, routine and environment to help protect your skin.

Think about your wardrobe

We often associate winter with wearing big wool jumpers, but for those who suffer from dry skin wool clothing can further irritate skin. It’s important that you stay warm by wearing loose fabrics such as soft cotton. These are far kinder to your skin, so think about ditching the wool jumpers this winter.

Also, avoid wearing any clothing that is too tight as it prevents the skin from being able to breathe, causing it to overheat and sweat. When our skin is damp through either sweat or being caught in the rain, it can increase the risk of chaffing and irritating dry, itchy skin.

Turn the temperature down

The increase in central heating use plays a big part in causing dry skin flare-ups during the winter. Not only can it dry out the skin if you spend prolonged periods of time in centrally heated environments, it also dries the air out which can dehydrate your skin. While it may not always be easy to avoid central heating, you can control it at home. Try to keep the thermostat at around 20 degrees and turn it off when it’s not necessary, such as overnight.

On the subject of temperature, sinking into a nice hot bath at the end of a long day may seem like heaven, but trust us — your dry skin won’t thank you. Heating the skin too quickly in a really hot bath or shower can cause skin to lose moisture. Take warm showers and baths to prevent skin from becoming itchier and more uncomfortable.

Use a humidifier

Keeping the home warm is essential in the winter, but central heating and fires can dry out the air and dehydrate your skin. To help retain some of the moisture in your home and to prevent your skin from drying out further, you may want to consider using a humidifier.

Keep hydrated

Skin is made up of 64% water. Maintaining the essential moisture in your skin is key to preventing and soothing dry skin flare-ups in the winter. Make sure you drink plenty of water to help your skin stay hydrated. Use expert skincare products that are gentle on the skin to soothe dry, itchy skin.

Adopt a good skincare routine

Caring for your skin with the right skincare products can help to relieve dry, itchy skin. It can also help to prevent flare-ups by helping to lock in moisture and maintain the essential oils your skin needs to be happy, healthy and hydrated.

Our range of dermatologically tested products are gentle to your skin and can help you adopt a good skincare routine that protects your skin against seasonal changes. Gently cleanse your skin daily with our dry skin and itch relief Oleo Wash, its gentle formula moisturises, soothes and restores your skin.

Oleo Wash is made up of three active ingredients. These active ingredients help it to act like a local anaesthetic, reducing uncomfortable sensations that cause dry skin to itch.

If your scalp is dry or the effects of winter have led to dandruff, use Balneum dry and itchy scalp relief Shampoo to clean your hair, help retain moisture levels and relieve the symptoms of a dry scalp. Finally, use a good emollient-based cream such as Balneum dry skin and itch relief Cream to protect and soothe your skin.

The dual action formula has two active ingredients, lauromacrogols and urea. These active ingredients are what make Balneum dry skin and itch relief Cream so effective at relieving the discomfort of itchy and dry skin. Laureth-6.5 is a special type of ingredient called a lauromacrogol, which acts like a local anaesthetic, reducing discomfort and providing relief to your skin.

Urea is a naturally occurring substance that keeps the skin’s cells hydrated and is often reduced in people with dry skin conditions. It strengthens your skin’s natural barrier and protects against bacteria. The cream can be applied to your whole body or just to the affected areas to soothe dry itchy skin and help lock in essential moisture.

Buy your Balneum expert skincare products

Harnessing the moisturising power of urea and soya oils, our skincare range contains active ingredients that are proven to help dry skin retain essential moisture. So experience Balneum and maintain a healthy balance with provided relief that leaves your skin feeling soft, soothed and hydrated. Our products are available to buy at Boots, Day Lewis, LloydsPharmacy and Amazon.

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