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Blogger Review with Nomipalony

Blogger Review with Nomipalony

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Watch vlogger Nomipalony give her review of the Balneum range.

The Balneum range, including a dry skin and itch relief Cream and a dry skin and itchy scalp relief Shampoo, has been designed with you and your family in mind. Suitable for all ages over three, our range has been created to gently soothe dry and irritated skin. Take a look at why vlogger, Nomipalony, has introduced Balneum into her family’s skincare routine.

Watch her video below

“I’ve suffered with dandruff since giving birth. I’ve tried everything from low-end to high-end products and they haven’t made any difference. With Balneum, I’ve noticed less dandruff, less itchiness, and my hair has gone really soft and shiny.”

Balneum is great for all the family

The cream and shampoo have both had a positive impact on Nomipalony and her young daughter. Both noticed reduced dryness and itchiness for their skin and scalp. The product range has made a lasting impact and we’re thrilled to know that Nomipalony will continue to incorporate them into her daily cleansing routine.

Itch less and live more with Balneum at Boots


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