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Healthy skin comes from understanding how it works, what it needs, and why.

Get to know your skin

Your skin is an amazing organ consisting of three separate layers that help it to carry out a range of essential functions.

Have you ever thought about all the things your skin does for you? We take our skin for granted, but it really is a remarkable thing. Let’s delve in and find out just how it works…

The thin outer layer of your skin is constantly being renewed and replaced. The epidermis is the top layer, visible to the naked eye. It provides a water barrier to keep your skin moist and hydrated, as well as a protective barrier against germs. When friction, irritants, or dryness strikes, the epidermis can become damaged.

The middle layer is thicker and firmer, and helps your skin to stay supple and elastic. Many important structures including tiny blood vessels, sweat glands, and hair roots, are found in the dermis. Aging and overexposure to sun can harm this layer.

Deep down we find the third layer, which protects your organs and tissues beneath. It contains fat tissue to protect and insulate your body. This layer is crucial in determining how smooth and resilient your skin is as a whole.

Five essential functions

Once you realise everything your skin does, you realise how essential it is to protect and care for it, just as it protects and cares for you. Your skin is:

  • A natural barrier against everything from heat through to illness-causing microbes.

  • Able to absorb substances such as oxygen and secrete substances like sweat.

  • A producer of Vitamin D, working to keep your bones strong and healthy.

  • Capable of regulating temperature by manipulating the capillaries housed in your dermis.

  • A crucial indicator of your health, letting you know when something is wrong.

How to look after different types of skin

We offer effective ways to soothe and relieve symptoms of dry, itchy skin.

Dry skin

One of your skin’s most important functions is to protect the body from losing too much moisture and becoming dry. But what happens when the skin itself dries out?

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Eczema-prone skin

Itchy, red, and cracked skin can flare up at any time. Eczema-prone skin can be caused by a number of triggers.

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Psoriasis-prone skin

Skin affected by psoriasis skin is usually flaky, crusty, and covered in silvery scales. Rehydrate your skin, without damaging it further.

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Chronic itching

Chronic itching causes discomfort, inflammation, and dryness. It can also impact your psychological well being. By keeping the skin hydrated, you may be less inclined to itch.

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